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People think their lives are made up. For example, some people say they are poor people, in fact, they are only actors

Wear something simple; for example, a skirt and blouse. 穿简单的衣服;比如说,一条裙子和一件衬衫

For example,I think you are beautiful in some ways.

1、Offices can easily become more environmetally-friendly by,for example,using recycled paper. 办公室很容易变得更环保,例如,使用再生纸。 2、Wear something simple; for example, a skirt and blouse. 穿简单的衣服;比如说,一条裙子和...

You should set a good example for him,你应该树立一个好榜样给他,set an example for sb意思为树立一个榜样给某人,增加一个新短语——为某人树立一个榜样为set an example to sb

I would like to go but I am too busy. You can do it however you like.Firstly-Scondly-"Thirdly"-Next-Then-After that-FinalShe speaks French and German and also a little RussianOffices can easily become more environmetally-friend...

for example,such as,like for example一般只举同类人或物中的“一个”为例,作插入语,用逗号隔开,可置于句首、句中、句末;such as常列举同类人或物中的几个例子,不能穷尽,可和and so on连用,可分开使用such...as...;like表示列举...

1What would you give me in exchange for my recorder? 2Their courage was an example to all of us. 3I'd like to exchange some pounds for dollars. 4 He forgot himself in his excitement(得意忘形)

词性的区别 descent是名词,下降; 血统; 倾斜 A descent is a surface that slopes downwards, for example the side of a steep hill. descend是动词,下来; 向下倾斜,向下延伸; 遗传下来; 来自,来源于 If you descend or if you descen...

1 the same as:The colour of my shirt is the same as hers.我的衬衫颜色和她的一样 2 find out: I have just found out what he means.我才弄明白他是什么意思 3 duily life:“duily ”--好像没有这个词吧 4 have breakfast:It's healthy to ha...

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