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用For ExAmplE 造句

People think their lives are made up. For example, some people say they are poor people, in fact, they are only actors

Wear something simple; for example, a skirt and blouse. 穿简单的衣服;比如说,一条裙子和一件衬衫

For example,I think you are beautiful in some ways.

For example,Tom is my good friend.

or example [英][fɔ: iɡˈzɑ:mpl][美][fɔr ɪɡˈzæmpəl] 例如, 譬如; 拿 ... 来说; 以上结果来自金山词霸 例句: 1. Look for example at a richard serra sculpture. 比如看看richard serra的雕刻作品吧。 ---...

You should set a good example for him,你应该树立一个好榜样给他,set an example for sb意思为树立一个榜样给某人,增加一个新短语——为某人树立一个榜样为set an example to sb

三者有小的区别: 首先说for example和 for instance: 相同点:他们后面可以接句子也可以放名词。但是通常放句子比较常见。后面放名词的通常也只放一个。这两个短语都可以放在句子的前面,句子的中间,或者句子的后面。在引出的例子前面可以用逗...

就举几个例子!Name这里是说出的意思 一般放在句首,用逗号隔开。有时候可以放在中间,如 .....,to name only a few,..... 例句是引用的,零时造句很麻烦o(∩_∩)o... Pineaapple Juice, Plum Juice, Lime Juice, orange Juice and Grape Juice, to...

I would like to go but I am too busy. You can do it however you like.Firstly-Scondly-"Thirdly"-Next-Then-After that-FinalShe speaks French and German and also a little RussianOffices can easily become more environmetally-friend...

to name only a few, 作插入语,通常用在句中或是句尾。 Besides, there are many women, Madame Curit and Margreat Thatcher, toname only a few, in history who work as scientists and politicians. 而且,历史上有许多女科学家和政治家,...

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