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就叫Nothing on you B.o.B与bruno mars的合作歌曲 很赞的

Adelle- Rolling in the deep

young for you 不是跑调,是大舌头啦

I Love You - Stewart Mac There was once a broken man Who walked a lonely road And gave up all his dreams And I was once this broken man Stared into the sun And just refuse to see I was Lost amongst the clouds that wouldn't fade...

Lullabye - Tynisha Keli This is your Lul Lul Lul Lul Lul Lul Lul Lulla bye You're my baby And I sing this just to show your mine I'mma hold you till you Sleeping in the middle of the night This is your Lul Lul Lul Lul Lul Lul L...

《A Teenager Rush To Be An Adult》丘丘邦(Sysmo)。据网友说“这是俺们学校的一枚同学创作兼唱的,想当年一群学妹们的手机铃声都是这个来着”

你去用酷狗收索 C-block Summertime 他们酷狗用户绝对用错了 歌手代名的 你说的肯定是那首

lollipop luxury---Jeffrey star

难道是酷玩 的Yellow 你去听听看吧~~~~ Coldplay 的Yellow

Can't Hide - Whethan/Ashe Hey yeah Hella know how it is sometimes You're holding on trying to forget them all night 'Til you're drunk And you text that other ex The one that said that they'd be there when you needed them Piece ...

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