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想起你是优雅的悲伤和甜蜜的伤感,但在我心里,有一种没有任何语言能表达的柔软的温暖,我不因为我的孤单而思念你,但当我思念你的时候确实倍感孤独。只有当我深深思念你的时候,我竟觉得如此的孤独。 呵呵,情诗啊,哪位才子才女帮润色吧

《I Really Like You》由加拿大女歌手Carly Rae Jepsen演唱,这支单曲发布于2015年3月2日。 填 词Carly Rae Jepsen,J Cash,Peter Svensson 音乐风格...

歌名是burning 是maria arredondo唱的。 前几句歌词是Passion is sweet Love makes weak You said you cherished freedom so You refuse to let it go Follow your fate Love and hate Never fail to seize the day But dont give yourself away...


Sweet is the melody, so hard to come by 甜蜜是一段旋律,如此难觅 It’s so hard to make every note bend just right 不是哪个音符能够完美的表达 You lay down the hours and leave not one trace 你放弃这一时.,离开的没有痕迹 but a tune f...

I like milk It is sweet这句话对吗 对

1、Love is more than a word it says so much. When I see these four letters, I almost feel your touch. This is only happened since I ...



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