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WhAt quAlity Do you think is thE most importAnt

Highly motivated . 主观能动性非常重要,特别是外国的大学很是注重这一点!

在由《中国教师报》和《中国青年报》联合举办的征文与调查活动 中,“学识渊博、专业能力强”和“对学生公正”成为首选的两项(2005年12月7日《中国青年报》)。 学生希望老师博学、公正,这的确没错。从某种程度上讲,一个好的老师,可以改变学生的...


Why Is Quality Important for a Business? Customer Expectations Your customers expect you to deliver quality products. If you do not, they will quickly look for alternatives. Quality is critical to satisfying your customers and ...

Cost performance If I have to pick one between these two, I gonna say price. It is the first factor I consider when I plan to buy sth.

Whatisyourmost-cherishedquality?Whydoyouthink... 可以去http://www.codevv.com查询关于外语的3562!

What is honesty? Perhaps,different people will have different answers. Persoanlly I think,a person should be frank to everybody around him not only in his life but also in his study and work.In English language,there is an idio...

是托福题吗?唉,多自己想吧。拿中文问自己,再变英文啦。 The most important quality I consider when making a friend is honesty. Honesty sets up the basic relationship between everybody, and that's the basic moral if you want to b...


be kind to student, dun keep things for urself, teach them watever u know, love all the students, prepared for ur lecture

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