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1. had been sent 我没有收到信是因为地址错了(信被送到了错误的地址) 2. hasn't been seen 他年轻时离开家,直至今日。(直到今日,仍未回家,所以仍未被见到) 现在完成时的被动语态 希望对你有帮助

这句话我觉得是考的是对receive 和accept 这两个近义词的了解和掌握。 receive 着重指的是“收到某人的、、、,是客观的陈述” 而accept着重的是指“接受某人的、、、,是主观感情上来讲的” 所以这句话的翻译是: LiMing had received the invitati...

must have been lost mustn't be disturbed was destroyed be returned will be opened can't be reached are sent hadn't been seen

I did not have money with me:我没带钱。这个记住就好,没有什么为什呢。如果硬要说个道理:钱乃身外之物,on有附着之含义。

C was sent

It 's i that(who) didn't receive the message until i came back

I haven't received any message about the deferment (of examination) from Professor V after you sent an e-mail to him about the "special consideration" exam, and I am anxiously waiting for it. Do you have further information fro...

选C. haven’t received , Up to now,用于现在完成时

D 非谓 ABC都成了完整句子 逗号不能连接完整句子

D 试题分析:考查情态动词用法。本句中的关键词在于yesterday,说明本句是对过去情况的虚拟或者推测,都要使用“情态动词+have done”;排除AB;must have done一定做了某事,是对过去发生的事情的肯定推测;ought to have done本应该做某事实际上...

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